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How does the driver’s ed program work and what is all involved?
Students will register to take the classroom portion of driver’s ed any time after they are 14 years and 5 months old. Students are required to attend 30 hours of classroom instruction. Any missed classes must be made up. When ready, the student will be able to take the knowledge and signs test. They may take these tests at our offices or at the DMV. Students will get a signed completion form (MV3001) that they need to take to the DMV to get their instructional driving permit. These forms expire 60 days after an instructor has signed them. If you wait longer to go in to get your instruction permit, you will need to have us resign the form for you. 

Once a student receives their temps, they are required to notify us and receive their first behind the wheel driving lesson within 60 days. Students must complete 6 driving lessons (each 2 hours long) with us and 30 hours of driving in total (including practice at home, 10 of which must be night driving). We like to spread the appointments out over the 6 months that students must have their temps, doing 1-2 lessons a month so students have plenty of time to practice in between lessons. 

After 6 months and with completion of other requirements (see Wisconsin Motorist Handbook page 4) students may take their road test.

What are the requirements for Driver’s Education in Wisconsin?
Students under the age of 18 must complete 30 hours of Classroom instruction and 12 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training (6 hours driving and 6 hours observing another student driving), and all licensing requirements. See Wisconsin Motorist Handbook (pages 2-5) for more details.

What are the age requirements for taking Driver’s Education and getting your license?
Students may begin the classroom portion of driver’s ed at the age of 14 years 5 months of age. Students may get their instruction permit (temps) at 15 years 6 months of age. Students may get their probationary driver’s license at age 16, but they must have had their temps for 6 months.

How do I get my driver’s license on my 16th birthday?
In order for a student to get their probationary driver’s license on their 16th birthday, they should plan on taking the classroom portion before they are 15 ½ years old. This way, they are able to take the knowledge and signs tests that they are required to pass and take the completion form (MV3001) to the DMV the day they turn 15 ½ to receive their instruction permit. Students must have their instruction permit for 6 months before they are eligible to take their road test.

Instruction permit, probationary license, regular license, what is the difference between these?
An instruction permit is what a student first receives. This allows them to practice driving with a parent, qualified individual, or driving instructor. After a student has had their temps for 6 months and completed the required hours of driving, they may take their road test. Once the road test is passed, the student will receive a probationary license. A probationary license restricts who may drive in the car with the student and also the hours of the day that a students may drive. After 9 months the student will graduate from the probationary to a regular license. Please see the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook (pages 2-6) or the DMV’s website (http://www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers/teens/gdlfaqs.htm) for more information.

How do I sign up for a classroom session?
After choosing the best classroom session for your schedule, email us at bestwaydrivingacademy@gmail.com. Include the classroom session you’d like to attend and your name. About a month before classes begin we will send you an email with more information about signing a contract and coming in to make a payment.

How does online classroom work?
Best Way Driving Academy is licensed to offer online classroom to students. If you would like to choose this option, please email us at drivewithbestway@gmail.com and I will email you back with a contract, info slip, and directions. 

Once we receive all paperwork and payment, we will email you info and an access code to the online classroom program and we will mail you the form you will need to take to the DMV to get your temps (MV3001). We cannot email this form to you because the DMV needs our original signatures on the form in order to accept it. You may also come into the Best Way offices to get the form.

Log into the online classroom program and begin completing the lessons. Each lesson must be completed for course credit and lessons must be completed over a minimum of three weeks and for no longer than 2 hours a day. Each lesson has a time length listed that you will get credit for when completed. If you take longer to finish the lesson, you will only be credited for the amount of time listed.

The temps tests may be taken before completion of the classroom portion or anytime after finished. Options for taking the temps test include:

a. When you are 15 ½ you may go to the DMV with your signed MV3001 form to take the tests there. If you are over 18 you must take the tests at the DMV. Remember that our signature on the form is only valid for 60 days, so check the date signed. If it's past the 60 days, please contact us to get a new form signed.

b. You may take the tests at Best Way. The tests can be taken at our offices before you are 15 ½, but you will not be able to get your driving permit at the DMV until you are 15 ½. You may also take the tests at Best Way anytime after you are 15 ½, but before you are 18. If you would like to choose this option, please email us at bestwaydrivingacademy@gmail.com to arrange an available time. (Usually during classroom hours).

Once you receive your temps it is your responsibility to let us know you have them. You have 60 days from the day you got your temps to get your first driving lesson in. Failure to do so could result in your temps being revoked. Email us at drivewithbestway@gmail.com to schedule lessons. Include your name and availablity.

I'm having technical problems with the online classroom program. Who can I talk to for help? 
Best​way does not manage the online classroom website. It is managed by the WI Professional Driving School Association and they provide access codes to students through local driving schools. The classroom website has a troubleshooting page, http://www.wpdsastudents.org/troubleshooting-page.html that you should access first when you have problems. There is a list of frequently occurring problems and their solutions. There is also a link to report problem units. 

If you are unable to find a solution there, you can email us and we will also contact WPDSA for a solution. Bestway cannot fix or edit the online classroom program ourselves. Any changes must go through the website administrator. 

What do you accept for payment and is there a payment plan?
We accept cash and checks for payment. We offer a very flexible payment plan. We require $200 to be paid during the classroom portion and the remaining $180 to be paid during the behind the wheel portion. You may make payments as you are able to. Balance must be paid in full before we notify the DMV of your completion in the program.

How do I schedule a behind the wheel driving session?
Email us at drivewithbestway@gmail.com to let us know you're ready to start your behind the wheel lessons. Please include your name and when you are available to drive. Include notes such as if you are in sports after school, working, specific days you are unable to drive. We will then contact you with a list of lesson dates to choose from.

How do I schedule my road test?
Students are able to schedule their road test 11 weeks before they are able to take it. The easiest way to schedule a road test is to do so on the DMV’s website http://www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers/drivers/schedule.htm

Will a classroom session ever be cancelled?
If enrollment in a classroom session is less than 10 students we reserve the right to cancel the session. We will do our best to place students in another session that is convenient for them. Students will also be given the option to take the classroom portion online. 

When is a payment due?
We ask that you make a payment of at least $100 before starting class. Another $100 must be paid before we sign the form you need to get your instruction permit. The remaining $180 can be paid during the behind the wheel lessons. If you need to make payments, please bring at least $50 to each behind the wheel lesson until your balance is paid off.

What is your cancellation policy for behind the wheel lessons?
We require students to give us at least a 24 hour notice to cancel lessons. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged a fee of $35.

What is your classroom attendance policy?
Students are required to attend 30 hours of classroom instruction. We allow up to two sessions to be missed for acceptable reasons. These two sessions can be made up by completing homework packets. If a student needs to miss more than two classroom sessions, we will require them to make up the missed session by attending the same class during one of the following months. 

What is your winter/inclement weather policy?
If school is cancelled due to inclement weather that day in the same city classroom is being held, we will also cancel our classroom session that evening. We will also post an update on Facebook of any class cancellations.

Decisions about whether we are going to cancel our driving lessons due to inclement weather will often be made the day of, or even just hours before your lesson. Generally, if the weather service is predicting hazardous road conditions we will cancel lessons.  We will text or call each student scheduled to notify them if their driving lesson is cancelled. We will also post cancellation notices on Facebook. 

**Note** Be aware that during the winter we will sometimes run behind schedule. Even if the roads seem fine in town, they may be often be poor in the country. If we are going to be running more than 15 minutes late we will text you to let you know. Please be patient, we try to keep on schedule but the safety of our instructors and students is more important than arriving to your lesson on time.

Do you offer refunds?
This school will not refund any fees or part of fees if this school is ready, willing, and able to fulfill its part of the agreement. If a refund is offered, there is a $50 refund processing fee that will be accessed.

Do I have to take both classroom and behind the wheel with Best Way?
While we do offer a discount for taking both classroom and behind the wheel with us, the courses may be taken at different schools. 
Classroom only costs $150 and we will provide with the paperwork needed to transfer to another school for behind the wheel.
Behind the wheel only costs $280 and we will need paperwork providing us with proof of your classroom completion from another school.

I received a notice that I must attend a Failure to Yield Right of Way course. When do you offer this?
We offer a two hour Failure to Yield the Right of Way course that satisfies all state requirements. We schedule these sessions monthly or based on your availability. Please contact us by phone (920-887-7727) or by email (drivewithbestway@gmail.com) to set up a session.